Shortening of espagnolette bolts to be used with handle operated friction stays.

Download calculation form in Excel spreadsheet

Remember to choose correct size of connection piece from the tabs shown in the bottom of the spreadsheet.


Calculating Egress Opening (MS Excel)  

Sideswing 90° Gears

Houses must have escape routes and egress openings like doors, windows, or hatches, to enable the residents to save themselves in case of a fire. The requirements for the numbers and sizes of such openings are regulated by the local authorities.

Read more about escape routes and other security matters (external link in Danish).

By using the forms, it is easy to calculate the egress opening when using IPA hardware.

If the calculated egress opening is close – but below – to the minimum requirements for an egress opening, you may wish to contact IPA for a specific drawing of the egress opening in question.

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