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Besides the IPA System Fitting programme A/S J. Petersens Beslagfabrik manufactures a lot of other different fittings for the wood processing industry.

Below please find some of the most popular ranges.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you may check the Danish version of the IPA website, www.ipabeslag.dk or - even better - contact us directly:ipafittings.com.gif (244 bytes)



Hinges for saw grooves

For easy and rational manufacturing of windows and doors.

Heavyduty door hinges

In the multipurpose IPA range of fittings and hinges for windows and doors, you vill also find an assortment of Heavyduty Hinges for very solid doors.

Angle bracket hinges

IPA’s Selection of Angle Bracket Hinges for building new houses which can be in the same design as old houses or enabling old houses and barns to be renovated with their original look.

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