Side Hung Window

Top Hung Window

Side Swing 90

Side Swing 180

Canopy Stay Window

Top Swing 180

Coupled Sash Window

The IPA System Fittings are developed in order to secure a flexible production of Scandinavian type windows.

A Scandinavian window is typically characterised by the following:

- it is made of wood (eventually of wood/aluminium)
- it opens outwards
- frame and sash are on the outside plane/level with each other

All the Scandinavian Window types have the advantage that they do not require space inside, when the windows are opened.

As a Scandinavian window is placed in the front of the wall opening, there is plenty of space for curtains, flowers and other decorations. The reversible window types are easily cleaned from the inside. As these windows opens outward, the wind pressure helps keeping the windows tight.

With the IPA System Fittings the above window types can be manufactured using the same wooden profile.